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Crackdown on Illegal Firearms

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  • Last updated:2019-03-25
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The Ministry of Justice has been concerned about the social safety dangers posed by serious gun shooting incidents, which raised the anxiety of the general public. Accordingly, the Ministry had requested the Supreme Prosecutors Office in writing on December 6, 2010 to coordinate various relevant authorities including the National Police Agency of the Ministry of Interior to crack down on illegal firearms. On December 15, 2010, Prosecutor-General Huang of the SPO immediately convened a meeting of the Coast Guard Administration of the Executive Yuan, the National Police Agency of the Ministry of The Interior, the Military Police Command of the Department of Defense, and the Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice to resolve on a draft action plan for the “Crackdown on Illegal Firearms”. The action plan, subsequently approved by the Ministry of Justice, enforces the Government’s policies for “enforcing law and order, and cleaning up illegal firearms”, and intends to thoroughly crackdown on the sources of illegal firearms and ammunition, effectively reduce the incidents of criminal offenses involving firearms, prevent the mafia from building up gunneries, and remove the risks posed to law and order of the society by illegal firearms. The key goals and measures are as follows:

1.High level supervision and guidance for simultaneous crackdowns
2.Coordinate with the courts for heavier sentencing
3.Cooperate with administrative authorities in eliminating entry points for illegal firearms
4.Stepping up controls to prevent modification of firearms
5.Enforcement results

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