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Routine Practice

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  • Last updated:2019-05-30
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  • To direct and supervise prosecution affairs nationwide and to bring the united  prosecution function into full play.
  • To intensively examine the third trial appeal cases and  provide legal opinions and raise the quality of judgments.
  • To deliberately examine accepted extraordinary appeal cases, to correct unlawful judgments, to unify legal opinions, and to protect civilian legal rights.
  • To carefully and rapidly examine cases regarding compensation for wrongful detention and execution and to save government funds. 
  • To cautiously handle investigation procedures and inspection cases transferred or forwarded from the Supervisory Yuan.
  • To constructively handle investigations and other cases so as to expose or reveal conspiracies or secrets, and to preserve public security.
  • To improve the connection between high-level police and investigators of prosecution affairs, to establish a common consensus, and to unify their collective strength so as to fight crime.
  • To inspect and examine the prosecution affairs of High Prosecutors Office and their branches’ Prosecutors Offices and to evaluate and improve the prosecution function.
  • To continuously research and develop the extraordinary appeal system and provide the same as a reference for the practical and academic fields. 
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