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Conclusion and Prospects

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  • Last updated:2018-11-02
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    Law and order are the pillars of democracy and justice is the basis of law and order. Prosecution work is an important component of defending justice, and has far-reaching effects on national security, civil rights, and social peace. The prosecution system has diligently fulfilled its duty in fighting crime, exposing or revealing conspiracies and secrets, protecting human rights, preserving justice, and has had great achievements in the past. The types of crime have greatly changed in the last few years. To enhance the implementation of critical government policies and to fulfill people’s expectations, the prosecution authorities further actively eliminate corruption and negligence, investigate charges of election bribery, protect national territory, wipe out illegal money transactions, restrain organized crime, violence and drugs, and investigate crimes involving the economy, finance, counterfeit bank notes, counterfeit liquors, intellectual property rights violations, and those involving computers and the Internet. The above not only shows the government’s determination to protect human rights and reorganize disciplines and laws, but also establishes prestige and public reliance and strengthens the basis of justice.

    Han Fei said, “A country will not always be strong or weak, the country will be strong when its justice is strong and the country will be weak when its justice is weak.” A country’s peace or disorder depends on whether its politics are corrupt or not, and whether a society is stable depends on whether its legal system is good or poor. In 21st century Taiwan, democratic politics are abundantly implemented. As the highest prosecution authority, the Supreme Prosecutors Office is in charge of the supervision and inspection of nationwide prosecution affairs. In addition to continuously adhering to the spirit of lawadvocacy and pragmatism, following the government administrative policy, diligently abiding by the law and raising the standards of performance, this Office will also look to the future by being reformative and creative, continuing to develop the prosecution function, promoting a sense of justice throughout society so as to achieve consolidation of national security, preserving social peace and protecting civil rights, and further creating a new era of justice for our democratic constitutional government.

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