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The duty of the Prosecutor is to represent their country to investigate crime and to expose or reveal conspiracies or secrets, as well as to preserve the justice and fairness of a society. In criminal procedure, prosecution authorities are placed in all courts according to the Court organization Law to develop the rules of criminal procedure trial level function. The Supreme Prosecutors Office is the prosecution authority placed at the third trial level,which, according to the Criminal Procedure Law, in addition to conduct normal litigation cases, has also the special function to file an extraordinary appeal for a conclusive criminal judgment made contrary to the law.
According to Article 62 of the Court Organization Law, the Prosecutor General, who is in charge of general affairs of the Office, has the authority to supervise and inspect the prosecutors. To bring the united prosecution function into full play, this Office has in the past few years supervised the prosecutors to conduct major tasks in eliminating corruption, wiping out illegal money transactions and investigating charges of election bribery, and also actively participated in the investigations regarding social security special project, national territory damage and environmental destruction. It is expected that a law-abiding and orderly society would be established soon.
Due to its non-disclosure nature, the prosecution affairs were seldom made widely-known to the public. Not only compatriots have no way to be informed of the affairs but also it is difficult for the international personages to understand the same. To make compatriots and international personages understand the affairs conducted by this Office, the Supreme Prosecutors Office Introduction (Chinese and English) is complied for all circles’reference. I, myself, roughly made the above statement as preface of the Introduction.

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