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Extraordinary appeal procedure

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  • Last updated:2019-05-22
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  1. The object of an extraordinary appeal is to obtain a conclusive criminal judgment or an arbitral award which has substantially the same effect as a sentence of inflicting punishment.  Please apply with the written  and mail, or deliver personally, the form to this Office No.235, Sec. 1, Guiyang St., Taipei City.
  2. Please specify how the conclusive criminal judgment is against laws.  If the relief is petitioned based on mistake of fact in the conclusive judgment, a re-examination application shall be filed with the court which has jurisdiction over the case.
  3. Please specify the court and case number of the conclusive judgment and also attach the photocopy of the conclusive judgment thereto for examination.
  4. Upon acceptance of the petition, this Office will assign the case.  If the conclusive judgment is identified to be against laws, an extraordinary appeal will be filed and transferred to the Supreme Court with a notice to the petitioner.
  5. If this Office determines that the original conclusive judgment is not against any laws upon examination, it will respond to the petitioner in writing.
  6. After the Supreme Court renders its judgment without holding any verbal proceedings upon transfer of the extraordinary appeals to it, it will serve the original judgment to the defendant and transfer it to the jurisdictional prosecutors office via this Office.
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