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To set up an election bribery investigation and supervisory group in order to strictly enforce the task of election inspection

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  • Last updated:2023-02-02
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The election of government officials is not only the basis of democratic politics but is also closely related to the development of democratic government and local self-discipline.
In recent years, the government has held several official post-elections, including the direct election of the president and vice-president, which has fully manifested the government's determination and sincerity to safeguard democracy and implement the constitutional government. However, if money, violence, and election misconduct are involved, not only is the election system seriously distorted, preventing the candidates from providing a service to their country and society through fair and just elections, but also, the very basis of democracy is attacked.Therefore, it is the current priority to prevent election bribery and violence involved in elections. In recent official post elections, this Office has supervised Prosecutors in all classes of Prosecution Offices to enforce the investigation by districts and has constantly investigated and examined election bribery and violence cases, and the office's performance has been  commonly recognized by its superiors and society. To carry out the purposes of purifying the election practice and eliminating election bribery, this Office has established an “Investigation and Supervisory Group for Election Bribery and Violence” pursuant to Article 63 of the Court of Law Organization, provisions of the Official Post Election and Impeachment Law, and provisions of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Election and Impeachment Law. Such group is to intensively supervise and investigate election bribery and violent cases and to unify the comprehensive prosecutorial, investigative and police authorities nationwide in order to prevent the illicit intervention of money and violence in elections.

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