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To set up a corruption-elimination supervisory group in order to actively investigate and, wipe out corruption and negligence, and to rebuild the government’s reputation.

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  • Last updated:2019-03-04
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set up a corruption-elimination supervisory group To eliminate corruption and negligence and purify the government official environment has been one of the important purposes of the government administration. This Office has issued the “Implementation Principals for Prosecution Authority Carrying Out Corruption-Elimination Action Project” (“Implementation Principals”) based on the “Corruption-Elimination Action Project” approved and announced by the Executive Yuan in September 1993. After the approval of the Ministry of Justice, all Prosecutors Offices and the Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice were notified in writing on October 12, 1993 to carry out such Implementation Principals. This Office also established the “Corruption-Elimination Group” and holds meetings regularly in order to constructively wipe out corruption and negligence, to correct the political environment, and to further achieve the goal to establish an honest government.
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