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    The supreme prosecutors office is the nation's highest prosecution authority. Given the integral nature of prosecution undertaking, the entire nation's prosecutors and prosecution matters, in accordance with Article 63 of the Court Organisation Law, are subject to the command and supervision of the supreme prosecutors office's prosecutor general. In criminal trial jurisdiction, it is empowered as the third trial authority as the supreme court , and of legal statutory. Consequently, the prosecution and other legal capacities of the supreme prosecutors office's prosecutors are somewhat different from those of the first and second trial prosecutors. Furthermore, after a criminal case has been ruled and that violations against the law in the trial proceedings are discovered, extraordinary appeal may be filed as a counter-balance instrument. Besides upholding the rights of parties involved, the procedure further serves to unify the interpretation of law in preventing repeated error. The filing of extraordinary appeal is one of the most important functions of the supreme prosecutors office, and is the authority of the prosecutor general.  In addition to a prosecutor body, the supreme prosecutors office is headed by the prosecutor general . The office has a division of court clerks, responsible for documentation, paper work, examination and general affairs, with one secretary general who takes charge of the office administration and answers to the attorney general. There are divisions of personnel, internal affairs, accounting, statistics and information in charge of personnel administration, audit, fiscal accounting, accounting, statistics and electronic information, etc.

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